The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective has historically held community learning and skills building spaces called Labs free and open to the community, a couple times a year.

These Labs are hands on practice spaces primarily focused on building up our skills and sharpening our tools around various topics that undergird the work of transformative justice. Labs most often explore and develop ideas, values, practices, and learnings that have to do with communication, accountability, and networks of support. Labs are often facilitated through a combination of traditional teaching, group discussion, and small activities. We highly recommend that Labs are attended with people in your pod, to best allow you to practice all the new skills you’re learning.

Previous Lab topics have included:

  • Communication and Feedback
  • Pods and Pod Mapping
  • How to Use “The Talk” as a Tool to End Child Sexual Abuse

We are not currently holding any labs, but if you’d like to remain in the loop about our offerings we encourage you to join our listserv.