Many core and consistent members The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective have been learning about and sharpening their skills for responding to and intervening in instances of violence since our founding. This work has looked many different ways throughout the years. One of our most vigorous learning spaces was the Accountability Model Working Group.

Currently this work takes shape through an Interventions Crew. There is only one active Crew right now, but the BATJC envisions a model where multiple Interventions Crews are forming, learning, and eventually taking on interventions. The current Crew is a small group of people who have been studying many different practical models for responding to sexual violence and child sexual abuse, all of which are based in community or collective action.  We are deeply grateful for all the organizers, healers, facilitators, and community members who have come before us, creating and documenting their intervention and transformative justice processes for us to learn from–ranging from the successful ones to the really disastrous ones, they each have important learnings to impart. We are using these models to develop our own approach to transformative justice interventions in child sexual abuse

The current Intervention Crew reviews and studies these documented processes, meets consistently, and have begun consulting on and actually taking on cases. We are not taking on any more cases at this time. We are also not creating any new Interventions Crews right now, and will build the next ones on an invitation-only basis.

If you are interested in learning more about the models and processes we’re learning from, take a look at these resources.

If you have experience doing interventions, especially around child sexual abuse, we would love to connect with you! We’d like to learn about your struggles and successes and to share about ours, so that we can further develop effective interventions practices and grow this work.