Resources For Collective Response to Child Sexual Abuse

All of these resources have content that is specific to child sexual abuse. While some of the resources listed below detail interventions that work hand-in-hand with the state (and are thus not in line with transformative justice principles), all of them present useful case studies that can be drawn from in order to inform transformative justice approaches.

Towards Transformative Justice

Father-Daughter Incest by Judith Herman

Hollow Water by Bonnie Dickie

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hollow Water’s Community Holistic Circle Healing Process by Native Counselling Services of Alberta

As If They Were Human: A Different Approach to Perpetrator Accountability by Tod Augusta-Scott

Story F.4. Surviving and Doing Sexual Harm: A Story of Accountability and Healing (from the Creative Interventions Toolkit)

Let’s Talk: Adults Talking to Adults about Child Sexual Abuse

Secret Survivors Documentary + Toolkit

Child Sexual Abuse Online Resource Center (from Secret Survivors Toolkit)

My Body My Limits My Pleasure My Choice

Stop It Now! Helpline
1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368) (Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST)
This is a toll-free number for adults who are at risk for sexually abusing a child, for friends and family members of sexual abusers and/or victims, and for parents of children with sexual behavior problems. All calls are confidential and will be answered by a trained staff member. (They encourage people to report to the legal system, but they will not report anyone themselves.) If you need someone to talk to, but you’re afraid to start the conversations, calling the helpline may be a good first step.

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