Case Studies

[Image of a map showing different relationships between those involved in the case study. There are different words and letters representing the people involved such as “survivor,” “M,” “D,” “wife,” “uncle,” connected by different lines and symbols representing the kind of relationship: abuse, love, strained.]
We use case studies a lot in our work to build transformative justice (TJ). They are particularly useful for folks who want to practice TJ and build their capacities, but who don’t feel ready to be part of a live intervention yet. Case studies are a great way to be able to engage in key questions, conversations, skills, values, principles, practices and concepts related to TJ application.

These are some of the case studies we have used in our TJ Studies and TJ Labs. They are inspired by real-life situations in our intimate networks and communities that many of us have been asked to respond to. They are very useful small group activities to do with your pod, friends, roommates, family, neighbors, coworkers or other community members interested in TJ.

We suggest using the “Case Study General Questions and Practices” as a starting place. These are some general practices we have found useful in our work to respond to violence, harm and abuse in our lives. These are only suggestions, so feel free to create your own practices as well!

The case studies offered here are very different and as we create more, we will add them. Read through them and use whichever ones are most useful. We also want to encourage you to engage with ones that may feel less comfortable, as well as the ones that feel more comfortable, especially for forms of violence that often go overlooked because of our discomfort, such as child sexual abuse.

We hope these are useful for our collective work to respond to and ultimately end violence, harm and abuse in our communities!

BATJC Case Study General Questions and Practices

BATJC Case Study – Activist Community Accountability

BATJC Case Study – Child Sexual Abuse (Historical)

BATJC Case Study – Intimate Partner Abuse: Joey Martha

BATJC Case Study – School Mandated Reporter

BATJC Case Study – Roommates Supporting Accountability

BATJC Case Study – CSA (Live) and Parenting