Accountability Working Group

What is the Accountability Working Group?

We are a small group of people who have been studying many different practical models for responding to sexual violence and child sexual abuse, all of which are based in community or collective action.  All of the models we studied have already been put into practice on the ground and are generally in line with transformative justice.  We are using these models to develop our own approach to transformative justice interventions in child sexual abuse.  We are currently developing the model that the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective will use in our first interventions.  (We know that it will be imperfect, however, and that we will need to adjust our model as we practice it and learn from our mistakes.)

How can I get a hold of a copy of your model?

We value open-source work.  When we have developed and reworked our model enough and decide it is a satisfactory starting place, we will publish it on this website.  We encourage people to take the model, try it out, adapt it to their own needs, and share their changes with others (including us!).  This way, we can all learn from each others’ efforts and act more effectively.  We also recognize that the approach we develop for our context will not be appropriate for every context, so we want to encourage people to change all of our work to suit their local needs.  Subscribe to our blog if you would like to receive notice when the document is released!

How can I get involved?

The Accountability Model Working Group is currently a closed collective.  Because of the nature of the work, new members are added on an invitation-only basis. If you are interested in supporting the work of the BATJC, please take a look at our Resources page for information that can help you study, find inspiration, and begin to organize your own responses to sexual abuse.  And please contact us if you have experience doing interventions around sexual abuse and especially child sexual abuse — we would love to hear about your struggles and successes, so that we can help each other develop more effective interventions to end the cycle of violence and abuse.  You can also subscribe to our blog (or request to join our community announcement mailing list) and come to one of our public events when we announce them.

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