THE BATJC IS LAUNCHING OUR FIRST-EVER FUNDRAISER!!!!  We hope you will join us in our work by making a donation and/or sharing this fundraiser.


[photo of three tall candles surrounded by a paper chain.]

We have been giving our all for the past 5+ years without any major funding. The last couple of years have been very exciting, as our work has grown and expanded significantly.

We are raising money to fund our 4th Transformative Justice Study. The TJ Study is a basic introduction to Transformative Justice and a chance for participants to build and deepen their knowledge. It is a series of 6 sessions led and run by our volunteer-based collective and we provide free food, childcare, supplies and space, as well as accessibility and transportation support.

The TJ study is a way for us to build more individual and collective capacity for transformative justice. This is imperative to our work; it is the foundation of how we continue to grow and share knowledge.

Our current political and social climate make it so that the most marginalized people in our communities, who are often the most vulnerable to violence, are unable to access systemic or institutional support. We believe another world is possible and we want a world where we can turn to one another for support and solutions when violence happens.

Unfortunately without money there is only so much our small collective can do! We are at an exciting turning point in our work and we want to continue growing Transformative Justice.

Please join us in this work. WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!


In supporting us you would be helping to pay our support facilitators, provide food for participants, support participants with travel costs, restocking necessary supplies, printing materials, renting a space, and paying for child care.

Where will additional funds go?

The BATJC is currently being held by three core members, as well as anchor members (5) who support and keep the work moving forward. The collective has been focusing on doing community response support around sexual violence, facilitating TJ 101s, and hosting the TJ Study. Additionally, we have been organizing “Labs” as part of our work, a space of opportunity for community members and their support networks to come together and practice skills that will help them in practicing TJ in their everyday lives. The planning and execution of these events requires many work hours and intentionality. Any additional funds collected would go towards moving other BATJC work forward.

If you’d like to become a monthly donor please contact us.

We are also available to receive funds through


[photo of a large piece paper from our BATJC TJ Study Dream Line with participants’ dreams for 20+ years written with different colorful markers. Some examples that can be read are, “all elders are cared for and valued. no one ever has to fear being abandoned by their community because of age or disability,” “TJ accountability processes/interventions are common place,” “prisons begin to sit empty because they are less and less utilized,” “my children as adults have a community to turn to and support each other in building an environmentally just and violent-free world,” “we have abolished the sex offender registry for good.”]