EVENT: Transformative Justice Lab – March 4, 2017



March 4th, 2017 from 12pm – 4pm
Organized by the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective*

This event is being organized in conjunction with the BATJC Transformative Justice and Pods 101 on January 28, 2017 from 1pm-3:30pm. We are encouraging those who would like to attend the Lab and are not familiar with transformative justice (TJ) or “pods” to attend the TJ and Pods Teach-In. The 101 is also a great opportunity to invite people in your pods to learn about TJ.

Join the BATJC for our first Transformative Justice Lab! The TJ Labs are a new part of our work and we are excited to collectively grow them together. We hope it will be a space to allow people to practice and build transformative justice in the Bay Area with the people in their everyday lives.  

What are The BATJC TJ Labs?
The TJ Labs are a place to collectively workshop and practice our skills for transformative justice. The Labs are for people and their pods who are trying to practice TJ in their lives. The Labs will be a self-organized community space where people can come together and work on different parts of transformative justice. All participants are encouraged to self-organize TJ-related groups based on their needs and interests. There will be BATJC folks on-hand to help support different groups, if needed.

Groups that have already been organized and confirmed are listed below and participants are welcome to join them (please note in your registration). Though the BATJC focuses on child sexual abuse, the Labs will be a place to address all forms of violence. Below are some examples of groups and work that will be available:

Response Support Groups: Brainstorm and support TJ responses to current situations of violence, abuse or harm for participants who have specific situations they are facing in their lives. This is both for people who are experiencing harm, as well as for those who would like practice in supporting others in responding to harm. There will be people in the room who have been involved in this work who can help support and we hope this can be a place for new folks to learn. In providing a space to address violence, harm and abuse, we strongly encourage all participants to bring people they trust with them to the Lab.

Case Studies: The BATJC will have different scenarios/case studies on-hand for those who would like to practice thinking through response support. This is a great place to practice response support with folks from your pod.  

Pod Work: The Labs are a good place to meet with your pod and tackle any number of things such as: having conversations with them about transformative justice; doing work around your shared values; talking about accountability; setting up safety plans; working on a case study together (mentioned above).

Pod Building Support: There will be a group specifically designated for those who would like to gain support on how to build their pods.

Accountability Support for People Who Have Harmed: BATJC members will support a group of people who specifically are currently working on being accountable or have been seeking to be accountable for harm they’ve caused. The Labs will help provide a space to process through incidents of harm and/or violence. However we especially ask of people who have harmed to plan to practice self-care before, during and after the labs.

Parents and People Raising Children: For those who would like to meet together to support one another in preventing and/or responding to child sexual abuse as parents and people who are raising children.

Educator and Youth Workers: For educators and youth workers who are interested in transformative justice.


This event is open to the public with a suggested donation of $5 – $40. No one turned away for lack of funds. All funds go directly to support the BATJC.

There will be free food and childcare provided (please see information below).


PLEASE REGISTER HERE FOR THE LAB so that we may plan accordingly and please review the BATJC’s shared values, principles and practices before you attend.

For questions, please contact batjcinfo@gmail.com.

WHEN: March 4th, 2017 from 12pm – 4pm

WHERE: The BATJC TJ Lab will take place at Little Pilgrims’ Preschool and Daycare, 3900 35th Ave, Oakland, CA 94619. Please use the entrance on Magee Ave.

PARKING: There is free onsite parking in the parking lot behind the church, accessible from Magee Ave.


From Fruitvale BART station: Take the 54 bus heading toward “Campus Dr & Merritt College”(East). Get off at the California St. stop (past MacArthur BLVD), the Lab will be located less than a block up. The stop for the return bus to Fruitvale Station (54 West) is located across the street on the corner of Arizona St. and 35th Ave.  

From Downtown Oakland: Take BART to 19th Street Oakland (@Thomas L. Berkley Way and Broadway). From there take the NL bus heading toward “Eastmont Transit Center.” Get off at 35th Avenue and MacArthur Blvd, about four blocks from the Lab.

From the MacArthur BART station: Take the 57 bus heading toward “Foothill Square.” Get off at 35th Avenue and MacArthur Blvd, about four blocks from the Lab.

From South Berkeley: Take the 12 bus heading to Lakeshore. Walk to MacArthur Blvd. & Lakeshore Ave. Take the NL bus heading toward “Eastmont Transit Ctr.” Get off at 35th Avenue and MacArthur Blvd, about four blocks from the Lab.


CARPOOL: Please indicate on the registration form if you can offer a ride, or if you need a ride to the Lab. We will coordinate carpooling

FOOD: We would like to make sure to have food and beverages for everyone to enjoy and will be providing a variety of dishes. In order to make sure everyone is well fed and we meet strict dietary needs and food allergies, we would appreciate volunteers who would like to bring a dish, beverages or snacks to share. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to contribute food, beverages or snacks.

ACCESS: The space for the Lab is wheelchair accessible with gender neutral and wheelchair accessible bathrooms and has access to outside space and picnic tables. Please help us support a fragrance free space, by attending chemical and fragrance free. This will also help support the children who use the daycare space we are in.

CHILD CARE: The BATJC will provide free childcare during the Lab. We actively support the participation of people with children in this work. Because some content may not be appropriate for young children, childcare will be provided in a separate room on site. If you’d like to use this service during the event, please go to the registration form to share some more information with us!

SELF/GROUP CARE: We encourage all attendees to take care of themselves before, during and after this event. Caring for ourselves and others is important in this work and we want to make sure everyone takes some time to think about what they might need. We will be talking about violence/abuse and it may bring up unexpected things for you. Below are some suggestions that may be useful, especially if you think some of the content may be triggering for you:

– Attend the event with a friend and/or support person. Or have at least one person who knows you will be attending this event that you can reach out to if you need support.

– Think about what might be best for you before, during and after this event. Some examples might be: Planning to do things that bring you resilience, joy, reflection or nourishment.  Planning down time or to be around people who support you in taking care of yourself. Bringing a meaningful object with you that will help ground/comfort you during the event  (something you can wear, hold in your hand and/or look at are often helpful).

*The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC) works to build and support transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse. The BATJC orients all of our work, including events, from our shared values, principles and practices.

If you would like to know about future BATJC events, please join our BATJC Community list, a  low-volume list that is only used to announce BATJC events and work. You can also follow our BATJC Page

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